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Design & Benefits

Combining luxurious relaxation with the science of hydrotherapy, Jason brings you a complete bathing experience. It is part of healthy living, a luxurious link in your body’s daily cycle of natural healing. A Jason bath provides relaxation and rejuvenation from head to toe.

Design Inspiration - Let us show you what inspires us to create the most luxurious bath in the industry.


Science of Hydrotherapy - Understanding how the body is wired and the processes that occur in your daily cycle of living can help you understand how hydrotherapy works.


Why Jason Surpasses All Others - We promise you the healthiest, quietest, most comfortable hydrotherapy experience available.


Products – View our extensive collection of baths, shower products, faucetry, and bath accessories.


Design Professionals – Resources for designers, including a photo gallery, product drawings, and contact information.