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Discover the Benefits of Hydrotherapy


Sensory Experience

Sound has the power to calm or energize. What better way to take pleasure in the ultimate bath than by bringing your sense of hearing into the experience? Listen to soothing melodies or favorite tunes. Hear the soundtrack of nature. Enjoy your favorite TV show. Learn a new language.

With Jason’s “industry first” Sound Immersion System, your bath shell becomes the speaker, so you can truly lose yourself in sound. Program our floating universal remote to control your home media and lighting systems to adapt your bathing experience to your every whim and pleasure.

Color is a living energy, a property of light. Everything in nature is full of color.

For centuries, it’s been known that color dramatically affects our health, energy level, and inner harmony. With Jason’s digitally controlled LED chromatherapy lights, you can explore the therapeutic benefits of this ancient science.

Each of us has a unique reaction to specific colors, so you can find the shade that best fits your mood. Or enjoy a cycle of color changes that make you feel like you’re bathing in a rainbow.

Scents have been casting their spells for thousands of years. What we smell can transport us to another time or place. Mountains, meadows, a tropical beach… a memory of childhood… or possibly romance. Scent takes us there, as it invigorates or soothes us, improves our mood and helps relieve stress.

The Aromatherapy Infuser System option, available on all Designer Collection Whirlpool baths, will not contaminate the bath water like conventional methods. This uniquely engineered system uses an infuser basket located below the deck of the bath where aroma beads or essential oils (applied to a wick) are placed.  Air from the whirlpool jets infuses the bath water and surrounding space with the scent of your choice.

Bathers are able to relax, breathe deeply, and enjoy the restorative benefits of hydrotherapy accompanied by the powerful effects of scent all in one vessel.

QUIET DESIGN Enjoy a peaceful bathing experience. MicroSilk® for Your Skin Learn more about how MicroSilk® nourishes and hydrates skin. Pure Comfort Experience a bath that is created to fit your body.
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