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Natural Relief for Eczema Available at Home from Jason International's Oxygen Bath

May 09, 2013

Natural Relief for Eczema Available at Home from Jason International's Oxygen Bath

Jason International's MicroSilk® Hydrotherapy Bath Cleanses and Moisturizes Itchy Red Skin and Restores Nine-Year-Old's Healthy, Clear Complexion

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- May 07, 2013 -- As she read the words "eczema" and "psoriasis" in the Jason International bath collection catalog, Whitney Jones started to cry.

Jason International's oxygen bath provides natural relief from Eczema for nine-year-old from Arkansas.

"I started to cry because we had been through so many doctor appointments, so many creams, and so many heartbreaks over something working and then not working. And MicroSilk® Hydrotherapy seemed like the answer," explained Jones of Humnoke, Ark.

Her daughter, Alayna, 9, was diagnosed with eczema in 2004 when she was six months old. Her condition became aggravated. For years, she suffered from red, dry skin and a painful itch that would not go away.

"I'd wear socks on my hands and wrap up like a burrito," Alayna said of efforts to keep her skin moist, clean and protected as she slept. Her daily regimen included over-the-counter antihistamines and prescription medicines for asthma and anxiety. Her condition became so unsettling that she visited a therapist weekly to help her deal with anxiety.

Then, her mom found MicroSilk®.

Jason International specifically created MicroSilk® Hydrotherapy to rejuvenate the skin. In the bath, MicroSilk® generates oxygen-rich microbubbles that cleanse and moisturize the skin and leave it visibly healthier and silky smooth.

"We're thrilled that Alayna Jones, Emily Ross, Sara Thomas, and so many others find natural relief from MicroSilk®," said Jason International Chairman Remo Jacuzzi. "Our products result from our passion for healthy living and our prowess for engineering. And we're always gratified to hear of the quality-of-life difference they make in people's daily lives."

Whitney Jones recalled she was hopeful but initially skeptical about MicroSilk®. "The first time, Alayna was very red and very itchy. We put her in the bath and ran a 20-minute cycle," Jones said, "When we took her out, her skin looked as it had never looked before. Her red, dry skin became milky white."

Doctors told us to keep her skin moist and clean and help her relax, she said. "The MicroSilk® bath does all three. It moisturizes her skin. It cleans the pores gently without any soap. And it relaxes her in a way no medication ever has."

These days, Alayna feels great and her skin looks healthy. Two weeks after she started her MicroSilk® routine, she stopped taking anxiety medicine, stopped taking the antihistamines and stopped going to therapy.

"She may need to take medicine from time to time but this is a real victory," Jones said. "Our doctor is thrilled. And we're thrilled."

To learn more, please see Alayna's video here or below.


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