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August 13, 2013


North Little Rock, Ark. (August 2013) – Twenty-nine-year-old Heather Owens has found relief from the side effects of chemotherapy and multiple cancer surgeries in an unusual place—her bath.

Owens said she discovered the benefits of MicroSilk® Hydrotherapy from Jason International this past fall following her double mastectomy.

“My MicroSilk hydrotherapy bath helps me in a variety of ways. After chemo, my skin dries out and looks tired. I have copper deposits around my eyes and on my elbows. The oxygen in my MicroSilk bath restores an even tone to my complexion and keeps it looking healthy,” explained Owens, who leads her own design firm, as well as Fighting Fancy, a nonprofit she founded to support women undergoing cancer treatment.

“In addition, my MicroSilk bath prevents post-surgical scar tissue for more effective healing,” said Owens. “Since I have had five surgeries and face four more, these benefits alone are huge to me.”

Jason International created MicroSilk Hydrotherapy baths specifically to rejuvenate the skin.  MicroSilk boosts the oxygen level in the bath water up to 70 percent higher than regular tap water and generates microbubbles that cleanse and moisturize the skin, leaving it healthier looking and silky smooth.

“Along with everything else, I’ve had a horrible problem with insomnia,” said Owens. “MicroSilk helps with the pain in my joints and enables me to relax at night, so I can get the sleep I need to be ready for the following day.”

“We’re pleased that our baths make a quality-of-life difference for Heather and so many others,” said Jason International Founder Remo Jacuzzi. “Our passion for healthy living drives our commitment to research and development. MicroSilk technology reflects our ability to lead our industry in innovation with nature’s most basic elements—oxygen and water.”

To learn more, visit http://www.jasoninternational.com/wellness/heatherssstory.aspx

Other MicroSilk users, including those with eczema and psoriasis, have also reported that the first-of-its-kind form of hydrotherapy has restored a healthy look and feel to their skin and enhanced their lives.

To learn more, visit http://www.jasoninternational.com/wellness/alaynasstory.aspx


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Jason International, Inc., founded 31 years ago by Remo Jacuzzi and his family, is a leading manufacturer of hydrotherapy products. For more information, visit www.jasoninternational.com.

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