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MicroSilk Bathing Technology Relieves Child's Severe Eczema Through Tiny Bubbles and Oxygen

April 16, 2014

MicroSilk Bathing Technology Relieves Child's Severe Eczema Through Tiny Bubbles and Oxygen
Six-Year-Old Covered in Dry, Itching Skin finds Moisture, Relief for Better Sleep, and Peace of Mind in Jason International MicroSilk ® Microbubble Oxygen Bath

North Little Rock, Ark. (April 2014) --
Jennifer Kohlscheen was looking for a solution. Her son Ayden had been battling eczema since he was six months old, and it seemed like every medicine, remedy, and therapy had been exhausted with little improvement. At six years of age, Ayden was seeing a behavioral therapist on a monthly basis to cope with the strain of eczema's constant itching and discomfort.

"We had replaced our carpets to reduce allergens, been to treatments at Jewish National Hospital, you name it. I would search the web to see what people had tried -- what worked and what didn't. We would really try anything," said Jennifer. "Then we came across the story of Alayna Jones, a young girl who struggled with eczema and found relief in a MicroSilk® bath. We had tried everything, so why not a bath? We found a showroom where we could try MicroSilk®, and I reached out to the Jones family. We were so desperate for improvement that we decided to take the plunge."

"When we installed our bath, Ayden had a staph infection and had just started a round of antibiotics. We noticed after just two days of baths that his skin was already healing and the redness was going away. We were in shock! We knew it was the bath because it usually takes up to seven days of him being on antibiotics before his skin starts to clear."

Ayden's relief is the result of decades of hydrotherapy engineering. MicroSilk® is a revolutionary bathing technology developed by Jason International, founded by Remo Jacuzzi. MicroSilk® creates tiny bubbles small enough to enter pores and remove toxins for superior cleansing and hydration. An oxygen-rich cloud of microbubbles gently exfoliates the skin, removing dry scales and improving skin tone. The oxygen level in a MicroSilk® bath is up to 70 percent higher than regular tap water. A natural cleanser, oxygen kills anaerobic pathogens and neutralizes free radicals on contact.

"We are proud to offer a hydrotherapy that makes skin more beautiful and improves quality of life for families like the Kohlscheens. MicroSilk® technology reflects our ability to lead in our industry with nature's most basic elements -- oxygen and water," stated Jacuzzi.

"Ayden is also sleeping better. He is now off the Hydroxyzine and sleeping well through the night. He has been released from his behavioral specialist after just one month with the MicroSilk® bath. Ayden loves his bath and tells us that it really helps his skin feel better. Whenever he gets itchy, he runs right to his bath!"

To learn more about Ayden and other people who use MicroSilk® for eczema relief, visit http://www.jasoninternational.com/wellness/eczema.aspx.

Other MicroSilk® users reported that the hydrotherapy has restored a healthy look and feel to their skin and enhanced their lives. For more information on how MicroSilk® improves your health visit the Jason Real Results Page.

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