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How to Order Jason Products

Jason baths are only available through our network of registered showrooms and distributors. Listed below are a number of options to consider before making your purchase. You may also want to take this list, with your individual specifications, to the showroom to assist in choosing your Jason bath.

1) What type of hydrotherapy do you require? Jason offers seven different choices:

2) What are the exterior and interior dimensions you will need for your bath?

3) What shape would you like your bath to be? Jason offers four different bath shapes:

  • Round
  • Oval
  • Rectangle
  • Corner

4) What color bath do you prefer? Jason offers a number of different color choices, based on the type and model of bath you choose. These colors are shown on the Products page for each collection.

5) What bath edition will work for you best?

Jason offers Standard, Premier, and Signature editions of most hydrotherapy baths.  The Standard Edition includes a patented Level-Form base; touch controls, and a 20 minute timer.  The Premier Edition adds LED Chromatherapy lights, an Automatic Ozone Generator and whirlpool models also are supplied with a combination Pump-Heater. The Signature Edition comes with all of the Premier Edition features plus Low Water Sensors, Digital Control and a Floating Universal Remote Control.

6) What accessories would you like to go with your bath? This may include grip handles, metal trim kits, or bath skirts. An electronically controlled jetted neck pillow is also available on most Whirlpool and Air-Whirlpool baths. This information is shown on the Products page for each collection.

7) What other options would you like to enhance your bathing experience?

  • Automatic ozone sanitation system
  • Chromatherapy light kit
  • Stainless steel Whirlpool bath heater
  • Jetted neck pillow massage system
  • Back-Stack™ Jet technology
  • Decorator color selections
  • Faucetry
  • Overflow drain spout assembly
  • Overflow fill spout and drain assembly
  • Exposed overflow drain assembly
  • Sound Immersion Speaker System

What else should you consider? You may want to check the hot water capacity in your house. Also, consider the power source in your bathroom. All Jason baths require a 60 cycle power supply with one or more dedicated 120V GFCI protected 20 Amp circuit.

If you have any questions about these options, the showroom you visit should be able to assist you, or you may call our Customer Service line at 800-255-5766. To find your nearest Jason registered showroom, please click the "Find a Showroom" button at the top of the page.

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