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Signature AirMasseur®


The Signature Edition AirMasseur® Digital control touchpad provides a safe, convenient method of controlling your air bath unit.

To control the operation of the Blower, simply press and hold the key to change the setting to Constant, Wave, Pulse or Off. A 20 minute decreasing timer will be initiated when the blower motor starts. Press and release the Blower icon once to display the current blower mode and speed. The Blower icon should remain lit as long as the bath is connected to a power supply. The LCD will display "Const Air" and blower speed, "Wave Air" and blower speed, or "Pulse Air" and blower speed, while the key is pressed. The time remaining on the purge cycle is displayed after the bath has drained. "Purge Stop" is displayed while the Blower On/Off key is pressed during the purge cycle. This action will terminate the purge cycle. The mode settings will be remembered on the next startup.

The Air Heater automatically comes on when the air blower is activated. This heater helps to maintain the temperature of the bath water.

Hold the key in Constant mode to go from High to Low then release and hold again to go from Low to High. Hold the key in Wave and Pulse mode to go from High to Medium and Medium to High. The system remembers the last speed setting on the next startup. The icon will light up when the blower is running. The LCD displays the blower speed from "10" (Low) or "55" (Med) to "99" (High) while the key is pressed. You can reduce the auto purge idle time from 20 minutes to 10 minutes, by pressing and holding the Blower Speeds key for more than 5-seconds during the purge idle period.

Hold the key for less than 2 seconds to turn the lights off or on. Hold the key for more than 2 seconds to change modes. The Light icon should remain lit as long as the bath is connected to a power supply. This function has a 2 hour timer and remembers the last mode. The LCD displays "Light On" or "Light Off" while the key is pressed for less than 2 seconds. "Light Cycle" is displayed if pressed for more than 2 seconds.

The 12 character LCD display can be customized by pressing the Blower and Blower Speeds icons simultaneously for 5 seconds, while the system is Off. Note: The Blower Speeds icon will not be illuminated during this process. Use the above figure to locate the icon. A menu will be displayed to choose the following: Purge 24, (starts blower every 24 hours for 2 minutes at the time the purge was set); Product Test Diagnostics; Temperature (F or C); and Language (English or Spanish).

The Signature Edition control system includes a waterproof floating universal remote. It controls all bath functions plus a TV, DVD, CD, etc. which can be heard through the Sound Immersion Transducers (optional).

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