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Signature Edition MicroSilk™ Touchpad

MicroSilk On/Off Icon
To control the operation of the MicroSilk pump motor, press and release for each setting: ON or OFF. A 20 minute decreasing timer will be initiated when the pump motor starts. Press and hold the Pump icon to cycle through each pump setting. The Pump icon lights when the water is at operating level and the LCD displays “System Ready”. The LCD will display “Pump On”, or “Pump Off” when the key is pressed. It also toggles between Temperature and Timer at 5 second intervals. “Low Water” is displayed for 5 seconds if no water is detected. “Vacuum Error” is displayed if the MicroSilk suction is blocked.

LED Light Icon
Hold the key for less than two (2) seconds to turn the lights Off or On. Hold the key for more than two (2) seconds to change modes. The Light icon should remain lit as long as the bath is connected to a power supply. This function has a two-hour timer and remembers the last mode. The LCD displays “Light On” or “Light Off while the key is pressed for less than two (2) seconds, “Light Cycle” is displayed if pressed for more than two (2) seconds.

Customized Settings
The 12 character LCD display can be customized by pressing the two Diagnostic Function icons simultaneously for five (5) seconds, while the system is off. Note : Use the above figure to locate the icons. A menu will be displayed to choose the following: Product Test Diagnostics, Temperature (F or C) and Language (English or Spanish).

Menu Instructions
Use the top Diagnostic Function icon to scroll through the different menu items. Use the bottom Diagnostic Function icon to change an option. For example, press and release the top icon to change from Product Test to the Temperature option. Press and release the bottom icon to change the temperature display from F (Fahrenheit) to C (Celsius).

Product Test Diagnostics
After selecting the Product Test option from the menu, the unit will perform a series of tests to confirm correct installation of components. The test will begin by displaying the configuration number, followed by the software revision number. Next, the display will test the Temperature and Low Water level sensor (ITW-209). Then, each of the six (6) icon buttons will begin to light. Press the illuminated button to proceed to the next icon. After the icon test, the LED Light unit will be tested. If you receive an error on any of the tests, confirm proper installation of component to the correct control box (See the CONTROL BOX CONNECTIONS section).

Remote Control
The Signature Edition control system includes a waterproof floating Universal Remote Control. It controls all bath functions plus a TV, DVD, CD, etc. which can be heard through the Sound Immersion Transducers (optional).