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Technical Sheets

For technical sheets on many of our bath options, please choose from the following list:

   Designer Whirlpool Digital Control
   Designer Whirlpool Jets
   Designer Whirlpool Standard Touchpad
   Exposed Overflow
   forma Air-Whirlpool Jets
   forma-Designer AirMasseur Digital Control
   forma-Designer Air-Whirlpool Standard Touchpad
   Integrity AirMasseur Control
   Integrity Whirlpool Control
   Integrity Whirlpool Heater
   Integrity Whirlpool Jets
   Jetted Neck Pillow
   Home Spa Air-Whirlpool Digital Control
   Bluetooth Sound Immersion Installation
   forma Undermounted Sani-Design Cleaning System
   forma Keypad Field Installation Instructions
   Remote Control Codes
   MicroSilk® Shower Wand and Hose Assembly Gen1
   Automatic Ozone Installation
   MicroSilk® Pump Assembly
   Thermo Comfort Owners Manual
   Thermo Comfort Specifications
   Home Spa Hydrotherapy
   Bluetooth Sound Immersion Operation Manual
   Remote Control Operating Instructions
   forma-Designer Digital Control
   forma-Designer Standard Touchpad
   LED chromatherapy
   IC635P LED Chromatherapy Installation
   Double Cascade Faucetry
   Double Cascade Spout - Installation Instructions
   Quiet Design
   Jason Bath System Cleaner Direction of Use
   Operating Instructions Jetted Neck Pulse-Pillow
   MicroSilk® Shower Wand and Hose Assembly Gen2
   JT1000 Heater for Integrity® Whirlpool
   Designer Faucet Set
   Metal Trim Kit Installation
   Tile Flange Kit TFK2
   Integral Skirt Cover Installation
   CSK60 - DSK55 Skirt Installation
   SK and FSK Skirt Installation
   SGR100 & SGR100C Grip Rail Installation
   AH100 Grip Handle Installation
   GH100 or GH200 Grip Handle For Designer Baths
   GH300 Grip Handle Kit for forma® Baths
   GH400 Grip Handle Installation
   GH20 Grip Handle
   Overflow - Deep Soak Drain Kit
   Overflow - Linear Drain Kit
   Overflow - Designer & Integrity Drain Kit
   Gel Headrest HR300
   AEC - Acrylic Equipment Cabinet
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