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Soaking hydrotherapy benefits

What is a soaking bath?
It is the simplest form of hydrotherapy bathing. Like a cup of hot tea enjoyed in a quiet moment, a Soaking bath is gently relaxing. Submerging in warm water and resting in an optimally relaxed position allows your muscles to relax and reach a "loose pack" state.

Physiology and benefits of simply soaking:
Soaking Hydrotherapy:

  • Creates buoyancy
    • Alleviating pressure on joints
    • Decreasing muscle tension
  • Stimulates contact receptors
    • Producing a calming effect
    • Promoting relaxation
  • Stimulates temperature receptors
    • Initiates natural cardiovascular exercise, readjusting your body temperature to 98.6°F
    • Increases circulation
    • Opens pores, allowing skin to hydrate and soften
    • Accelerates natural purification
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