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Sublime Comfort

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We fit baths to bodies.

Every Jason bath incorporates our Ergospatial™ Design to cradle your body in its optimally relaxed position, allowing joints and muscles to settle into their most relaxed or "loose pack" state. Our lumbar break and angled backrest are positioned to provide maximum comfort while minimizing pressure on any particular joint. Our engineers work with consulting physical therapists to ensure that each Jason bath is designed with the ultimate benefit in mind.

Anatomical vessel design. Ergospatial™ Design places your body in its optimal resting position, helping you achieve full relaxation.


Full submergence. Jason's spacious bathing wells are the right depth for your body to enjoy maximum surface contact with the water. In addition to making the bath more comfortable and relaxing, this design aspect maintains the ease with which you can enter and exit the bath.

Optimum jet placement. Air and water jets are placed in anatomically strategic locations within the vessel for maximum comfort and hydro-massage effectiveness.

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