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Sound Immersion

July 25, 2008

Sound Immersion

“Take a music bath once or twice a week for a few seasons.  You will find it is to the soul what a water bath is to the body.”  ~Oliver Wendell Holmes

We know that early childhood exposure to classical music aids in the process of mental development.  A pregnant woman sitting on a park bench with earphones affixed to her stomach, the sound of Mozart playing softly, understands that music is an important part of life, and that it is never too early to benefit from its influence. 

While music therapy is a relatively modern science, the idea is far from new.  Native Americans used singing and chanting regularly in their healing rituals.  After World War II live music was performed in hospital wards to soothe injured soldiers.

As we grow and develop, music influences our state of mind.  Songs with faster beats may enhance concentration and thinking.  A slower tempo produces a calm, meditative state that can promote relaxation and help prevent chronic stress.

Today, we have access to music through multiple devices.  Our kitchen has a radio, our living room has an entertainment system, and our office has a computer.  This trend can overflow into the bathroom and even into the bathtub itself.  With Jason’s Sound Immersion System, the bath shell is literally transformed into a speaker.

 “The sound immersion speakers with our newly designed floating remote control will turn your bath into a liquid stereo of sound and vibration,” says Jeff Cunningham, Vice President of Engineering at Jason.  “The speakers use transducer technology to transmit vibration through the shell of the bath turning it into a sound amplifier.  Simply plug in your desired media device, a stereo, TV, Ipod® with amplifier, and enjoy.”

All of the baths in our Home Spa Collection come equipped with the Sound Immersion System, and many of our Signature baths offer this as an option.

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