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Combination Hydrotherapy Baths Offer Full Menu of Luxury and Relaxation Treatments for Mind, Muscles, and Skin

September 26, 2013

Combination Hydrotherapy Baths Offer Full Menu of Luxury  and Relaxation Treatments for Mind, Muscles, and Skin

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARK. – (September 25, 2013) – No two people are alike — each person’s body is different, and our individual needs change depending on our time of day and season of life. Jason International’s Combination Hydrotherapy Baths offer the ideal vessel for timeless, in-home comfort and care by integrating two active hydrotherapies into an ergonomically designed bath.

Customers in search of the perfect bath have a selection of three hydrotherapy combinations: MicroSilk®-Whirlpool, MicroSilk®-AirMasseur®, or AirMasseur®-Whirlpool, each uniquely configured to deliver desired health benefits. 

Ideal for those seeking a deep-tissue massage and a gentle skin-detoxifying experience in a single vessel, MicroSilk®-Whirlpool baths combine the perfect pressure of whirlpool jets with the deep-pore cleansing of oxygen-rich MicroSilk® microbubbles. Negatively charged ions released at the water’s surface encourage a sense of calm as the brain’s serotonin levels are balanced and the body relaxes.

For bathers who love bubbles and seek a skin moisturizing hydrotherapy and immersion in gentle, therapeutic air bubbles, the MicroSilk®-AirMasseur® combination bath is the ultimate way to experience bubbles large and small by the trillions. The skin is hydrated through an enhanced sauna effect provided by microbubbles, and the body is rejuvenated as light touch receptors are engaged just below the surface of the skin.  

Those desiring a light Swedish massage and a targeted deep tissue massage with fully adjustable jets will find the perfect combination in an AirMasseur®-Whirlpool bath. Light pressure and deep pressure receptors are engaged to relieve tension and improve joint flexibility.

“Integrating MicroSilk® into our line of Combination Baths allows us to look at bathing for health more holistically. Combination baths can target a bather’s needs and make daily bathing a more effective means of relaxation, detoxification, and recuperation. We are proud to provide the ultimate tool for maintaining life’s most important machine - your body,” said Jason International’s founder Remo Jacuzzi.

The hydrotherapies in Jason’s combination baths can operate in tandem for an enhanced and unique bathing experience or can operate independently for maximum effectiveness. Combination Baths are features of the Designer and forma bath collections. All Jason baths integrate Quiet Design™ Engineering, Sani-Design® Technology and Ergospatial™ Design including lumbar support.

For more information on how hydrotherapy improves your health visit Jason’s Wellness page at http://www.jasoninternational.com/wellness/.

About Jason International, Inc. Jason International, Inc., founded over 30 years ago by Remo C. Jacuzzi and his family, is a leading manufacturer with a broad line of hydrotherapy products. They are engineered with health and wellness in mind. These include Soaking, MicroSilk®, AirMasseur®, and Whirlpool and combination hydrotherapy. They feature artful ergonomic designs, quiet operation, and hygienic construction to enhance the therapeutic benefits of bathing, which restore mind, body and overall well-being. For more information, please contact Tena Dick, tenad@jasonint.com, visit the Jason International website at www.jasoninternational.com, or call 501.771.4477.


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