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Oxygen Bathing, Micro-bubbles Relieve Toddler's Crippling Skin Condition

June 10, 2014

Oxygen Bathing, Micro-bubbles Relieve   Toddler's Crippling Skin Condition

MicroSilk® Bathing Allowed Child to Discontinue Meds, Learn to Walk


(North Little Rock, AR- June 2014)- When Maverick Harris was 10 months old, a biopsy revealed what had plagued his tiny body since birth: eczema.  With itching, weeping wounds from his scalp to his feet, his only relief was a daily regimen of more than thirteen creams and medications, bleach baths, wet-to-dry wraps, and sedation.

Eczema is a general term for any type of “itchy rash” or dermatitis and affects more than 30 million people in the United States. While it can be brought on by allergens in the environment or other “triggers,” these can often be hard to identify and predict. The rashes can flare up causing severe dry skin, painful itching, and infection.

Just weeks after Maverick’s birth, eczema appeared, and it soon spread to his entire body.  “It was in his hair, ears, and eyelids and covered most of his back and legs,” said Maverick’s mother, Lydia Harris, a nurse in Lubbock, TX.  “Eventually, the rash turned to open, weeping wounds, and nothing helped. Mav was always itching—in the car seat, in bed, or simply being held. Mav wiggled all the time to try and get relief. We attempted to treat the “rash” at home with over-the-counter steroid creams, lotions, and free and clear laundry soap. The worst part was when other people would hold him and within ten minutes his skin would be broken out and irritated due to their laundry soap or perfume.”

By the time Maverick was four months old, his dermatologist and allergist placed him on five different steroid creams, four different antibiotics, oral steroids and four different antihistamines. “When Mav was nine months old we got Early Childhood Intervention involved due to his delayed development from sedation,” said Lydia.  “With all the antihistamines he was on, Mav was sedated most of the time. He would wake up to eat a bottle, but that was about it. He was unable to crawl, sit up on his own or attempt to eat food. He would just writhe in his baby chair until he bled. Mav was admitted to the hospital for a week due to an infection to one of the sites.”

Lydia was searching for answers, because the medicines weren’t proving to be an effective solution. She got to a point where she would try anything—even a bathtub. “An associate at Morrison Supply heard about Maverick, and the next day we were in contact with them. They told us about MicroSilk® bathing and allowed us to come to their plumbing showroom and use the bath as often as we needed. We went in and bathed Mav twice a day for one week to see the difference. I stopped all medication and only used lotion after the bath. Within 5 days, Mav’s sores stopped weeping and started to heal. His skin was actually soft to the touch! Mav was sleeping through the night without the sedative medication. He was able to stay awake during the day more and showed progress on developmental milestones.  This sort of progress in just five days made MicroSilk® truly a gift from God.”

While irritants in the environment can trigger an outbreak of eczema, the MicroSilk® hydrotherapy system provides an additive-free cleansing experience to relieve itching.  A cloud of microbubbles fills the bath and gently envelops the body to exfoliate and smooth the skin. MicroSilk® microbubbles are only fifty microns in diameter- small enough to fit into pores to remove toxins and deeply moisturize the skin.  Meanwhile, the level of dissolved oxygen in the water increases up to 70% more than regular tap water for a clean bathing experience.  A natural cleanser, oxygen kills anaerobic pathogens and neutralizes free radicals on contact and encourages skin metabolism.

This revolutionary bathing technology is the result of decades of hydrotherapy engineering at Jason International, founded by Remo Jacuzzi.  “We are proud to offer a bathing experience that makes skin more beautiful and improves quality of life for families and children like Maverick.  MicroSilk® technology further reflects our ability to lead in our industry with simple air and water and ergonomic design,” stated Jacuzzi.

Now able sit up and walk on his own, Maverick continues to grow and improve. “We now have a MicroSilk® bath in our home, and Maverick gets a bath almost every day. We only use lotion after MicroSilk®, no more steroid creams. Mav is walking and talking. We only use the antihistamines when the weather is bad and his allergies are flared. He is no longer “wiggly”—he is calm and doesn't itch anymore. Mav is happy all the time now!”

Other MicroSilk® users reported that the hydrotherapy has restored a healthy look and feel to their skin and enhanced their lives.  For more information on how MicroSilk® improves your health visit Jason’s Real Results Page

To learn more about Maverick and others who use MicroSilk for eczema relief, visit http://www.jasoninternational.com/wellness/eczema.aspx

To follow Maverick’s story, visit www.mavsbath.blogspot.com

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Jason International, Inc., founded over 30 years ago by Remo Jacuzzi and his family, is a leading manufacturer of hydrotherapy baths. For more information, visit www.jasoninternational.com.

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