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Jason Hydrotherapy holds a unique and enviable place in the Hydrotherapy industry. Our founder, Remo Jacuzzi, is a 1st generation descendant of the family that invented the industry. His 50+ years of industry experience, both at Jason and in the original family business, combined with our impeccable reputation for innovative engineering, exceptional quality and customer service, cement our position as the industry leader.

    • The name Jason is a contraction of the words JAcuzzi and SON.
    • Jason Hydrotherapy was started in 1982, over a quarter century ago by Remo Jacuzzi to carry-on and build upon the legacy of his family who invented the first whirlpool bath in the 1950s.
    • Remo began working in the family business while still in college and eventually rose to the position of President of Jacuzzi Brothers, Inc.
    • In 1979, the Jacuzzi family sold the business (and the name) to a large corporate conglomerate.
    • Remo remained with the company as President of Jacuzzi Brothers until 1982, when he chose to leave and form his own company.
    • Today, Jason Hydrotherapy has become a leader in Luxury-Class™ Hydrotherapy Bathing Systems.

Jason’s broad range of shapes, sizes, colors, features and options means that you can find the ideal bath for any space.

    • MicroSilk® Baths
    • Whirlpool Baths
    • AirMasseur® Baths
    • Combination Air-Whirlpool Baths
    • Soaking Baths
    • 1 and 2 Person Baths
    • Oversized Spa Baths with room for 3+
    • Alcove Installation Baths
    • Free-standing Baths
    • Undermountable Baths
    • 5’ Baths
    • 5.5’ Baths
    • 6’ Baths
    • Oval Baths
    • Rectangle Baths
    • Round Baths
    • Corner Baths

Features and Options available on Jason baths:

    • MicroSilk® hydrotherapy
    • Aromatherapy Infuser System
    • Flow-adjustable, directional jets
    • Chromatherapy Lighting
    • Stainless steel heater
    • Sound Immersion System
    • Floating, digital universal remote
    • Grip Handles
    • Digital bath control
    • Faucetry
    • Automatic Ozone System
    • Jetted Neck Pillows
    • Acrylic Skirts

Jason baths have won numerous ADEX Award Placements for excellence in bath design.

Jason Hydrotherapy received a SHARP award for recognition of our dedication to safety management.

    • 1983 Perfect Pressure/Perfect Flow™ Jets
    • 1984 Ergospatial™ Design
    • 1988 Patented Double Cascade Spout®
    • 1992 Quiet Design Engineering
    • Patented Level-Form™ Base
    • 1995 First Jetted Neck Pillow in the industry First LED Chromatherapy system in USA
    • 1996 Sani-Design™ Technology for whirlpools
    • 1999 First Airbath produced in the USA Sani-Design Technology for AirMasseur®
    • 2001 First Combination Air-Whirlpool produced in USA
    • 2004 First V-Drain™ jet system in USA First Automatic Ozone Sanitation system for baths
    • 2006 First Sound Immersion Speaker system in USA First Clear Acrylic bath in USA
    • 2007 First Solid Surface bath in USA Celebrated 25th Anniversary!
    • 2012 MicroSilk® hydrotherapy listed in the 30 most innovative products of the year by the editors of Better Homes and Gardens Kitchen and Bath Ideas
    • 2012 Gold ADEX Award for Design Excellence for MicroSilk®