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Installation Products

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**No Arkansas sales.

Installation Products Available:

Tile Flange Kit provides a water barrier to prevent water migration after installation. It is available on rectangle or corner baths without an integral tile lip.  Full instructions are provided.
Part #8707-11-001

Drop-In Installation Templates:

Drop-In Installation templates are provided with all oval baths when shipped. If a Drop-In template is required before the delivery of your bath you may purchase them here.  Identify your bath model below for the correct template. 

The templates are to 1:1 scale.

$35.00 for each

AC553P Template


AC553PK Template


AC553PS Template


AC553PX Template


AC630 Template


AC635 Template


AC635P Template


AC635PS Template


AD553P Template


AD553PK Template


AD553PS Template


AD553PX Template


AN553P Template


AN553PK Template


AS553P Template


AS553PK Template


CB553P Template


CR553P Template


EL530 Template


EL535 Template


EL635 Template


HE527PS Template


IC635P Template


LC635 Template


LX553 Template


LX635 Template


MA553 Template


MA635 Template


MA635P Template


MA640 Template


ME553PS Template


MI635 Template


MI640 Template


N3660 Template


N4260 Template


N4272 Template


PS5735 Template


RC553PS Template


RC553PX Template


RC630P Template


RC630PS Template


RD553PS Template


RD553PX Template


RE553PS Template


RE630P Template


RE630PS Template


SV640 Template


V4266 Template


V4272 Template


VE5535 Template


VL5535 Template


VL635 Template


W4266 Template