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Premier Whirlpool

The Premier Edition Digital Touchpad mounted on the bath features an LCD readout which alternately indicates the water temperature (+/-5°F) and time remaining. The control keypad features several icons used by the bather to control the bath. This section will outline the functions of the system when a particular icon is pressed. The system also features a water level sensor to prevent equipment from operating without the proper amount of water, an automatic diagnostic system to help with setup and troubleshooting, enhanced user controls, well as the Jason Bluetooth Sound Immersion System that will provide sound from your choice of Bluetooth device through the shell of the bath.

Unless otherwise indicated, an ON/OFF function will take place with a single press on the button icon. Some functions may require the use of a long press. A built-in timer shuts off the therapy equipment twenty (20) minutes after being activated.

HOME Icon:
The HOME icon will activate the keypad. From Standby mode, once pressed, the display will show the splash screen and then the available therapy choices. While equipment is running, pressing the HOME icon will return to the MAIN STATUS Screen. Press and hold for two (2) seconds to turn off all equipment and return to Standby Mode.

LED Icon:
The LED icon will operate the Chromatherapy Mood Lighting system. The LED system will operate for 2 hours before turning OFF. A first press of the icon will show the current LED status, color and time remaining. Subsequent presses will progress the light to the next mode or color. Press and hold the icon to cycle through the FADE mode, release the icon to choose any custom color. This will set the chosen color as the CUSTOM color option. Order of Colors: Off, Slow Fade, Stepping, Purple, Green, Red, Blue, Orange, White, and Custom.

The WHIRLPOOL icon is used to activate the whirlpool pump and the 20-minute timer. Once pressed, the whirlpool pump will start. Pressing the icon again will shut the pump OFF.

The PILLOW icon is used to activate the neck jets when the Jetted Neck Pillow option is ordered. See Owner’s Manual for full operating instructions.

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