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Standard AirMasseur®


Jason's new Standard Edition AirMasseur® system includes a quiet 1 HP, variable speed blower with automatic air heater, and a simplified consumer friendly electronic control with 20-minute timer and automatic purge and dry cycle.

Standard Edition AirMasseur® baths are completely factory assembled and tested and the control console is conveniently located on the deck of the bath.

The AirMasseur® icon is used to activate the blower and the 20-minute timer. Pressing the Icon once starts the blower in the constant high speed mode. Pressing the icon again will turn the blower off. (Note: The blower will always turn on in high speed.)

The Mode icon is used to move the blower from Constant mode to the Wave or Pulse modes. Press and release the icon once to change the blower to the Wave mode, indicated by a slow flashing light. Pressing the icon again will change the blower to Pulse mode. This is indicated by a rapid light flash. Pressing the icon a third time moves the blower back to Constant mode.

The Blower Speeds icon is used to increase or decrease the blower speed once the blower is on. Press and hold the icon to decrease the blower speed until the desired intensity is reached, then release. Press and hold the icon again to increase the blower speed until the desired intensity is reached. The blower will return to its highest speed on any mode change.

The Option icon is used to operate an optional LED light (if installed). Press the icon for less than two (2) seconds to turn the lights Off or On. Hold the icon for more than two (2) seconds to change modes. This function has a two (2) hour timer and remembers the last mode.

Fifteen (15) minutes after being stopped, the blower will automatically start for 2 minutes to purge and dry the air channel.

The air heater incorporated in the air blower will automatically operate when the blower is on to help maintain the temperature of the bath water.

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