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Standard and Premier MicroSilk®-AirMasseur® Control


MicroSilk® Icon
Press the MicroSilk® icon to turn the MicroSilk® pump On/Off. An indicator
light on the keypad will illuminate when the pump is On.

AirMasseur® Icon
Press the AirMasseur® icon to turn the blower On/Off. The blower will always
turn on in high speed. Press this icon again to change between Constant, Wave, and Pulse modes.
The indicator light on the keypad changes for each mode: Constant (constant light); Wave (slow
flashing light); Pulse (rapid flashing light).

Blower Speeds Icon
While the blower is on, press and hold the icon to increase or decrease
blower speed. Each time you press this icon, it reverses speeds from higher to lower to higher.
For your convenience and safety, the keypad incorporates a 20-minute interval timer. The timer
feature automatically shuts off the pump or blower after 20 minutes.

LED Light Icon
If the LED Light option is installed, hold the icon for less than two (2) seconds
to turn the lights Off or On. Hold the icon for more than two (2) seconds to change modes. This
function has a two (2) hour timer and remembers the last mode.
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