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Designer Collection Whirlpool Baths

If you believe the unit to be within the warranty period, you must contact Jason Customer Service: 1-800-255-5766 with the bath’s Product and Serial numbers before work is started.

WARNING: Always turn off power at the main electrical service panel when servicing the bath.

Designer Collection Whirlpool Bath
Whirlpool system fails to operate.
  1. No power to the whirlpool unit.
  2. Motor is not plugged in.
  3. Air Switch — plastic air tube disconnected, crimped, or broken.
  4. Touch Control — insufficient water in bath.
  5. Signature System Digital Control — display functions properly but pump does not start.
  1. Reset circuit breakers and GFCI if tripped. Check fuses and replace if bad.
  2. Make sure plug is fully inserted into the outlet.
  3. Check, reconnect, or replace tubing as necessary.
  4. Fill bath to recommended level (2” above jets).
  5. Check voltage at motor when control is on. If no voltage, the control is defective. If voltage is present, motor is defective.
Pump operates, but no air is injected into water.
  1. Air valves closed.
  2. Air line is clogged.
  1. Open air control valves.
  2. Refer to installer/dealer.
Pump operates, but water is not being pumped.
  1. Insufficient water level. (air On/Off switch)
  2. Suction or discharge blocked.
  3. Suction air leak. (System usually surges.)
  1. Fill bath to recommended level (2” above jets).
  2. Remove obstruction.
  3. Make sure union is tight on suction side of the pump.
Pump does not manually shut off.
  1. Wall timer defective.
  2. Air Switch — tubing disconnected or broken.
  3. Digital or Touch Control defective.
  1. Replace wall timer.
  2. Reconnect or replace plastic air tube.
  3. Refer to installer / dealer.
Pump unions leak.
  1. Unions cracked, under-tightened, overtightened, or O-ring is not seated properly. (Possibly pinched.)
  1. Back off union nut, check and straighten O-ring, replace and retighten. HAND TIGHTEN ONLY!
Pump shuts off by itself, or before set time elapses.
  1. Pump motor overheated and thermal protection device deactivated motor. (Possibly low voltage.)
  2. GFCI tripped.
  3. Digital or Touch Control Only — Water level fell below recommended level.
  1. Make sure motor air cooling vents are not blocked, clear and allow motor to cool down. (Check service & wire size.)
  2. Refer to installer / dealer.
  3. Fill to recommended level.
Pump does not turn off after set time elapses.
  1. Wiring error or control problem.
  1. Refer to installer / dealer.
Pump will not turn off when water is drained from the bath. (Signature System Digital Control)
  1. Water level sensor wires or ribbon cables are shorted.
  1. Inspect all sensor wires or ribbon cables for exposed or touching wires. Separate touching wires and replace exposed wires. If pump continues, replace water level sensor.
Pump leaks at shaft.
  1. Damaged or defective shaft seal.
  1. Refer to installer / dealer.
LED Light will not operate
  1. Light bulb is loose in the socket.
  1. Access light bulb and assure that it is properly installed in the socket
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