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Home Spa

If you believe the unit to be within the warranty period, you must contact Jason Customer Service: 1-800-255-5766 with the bath’s Product and Serial numbers before work is started.

WARNING: Always turn off power at the main electrical service panel when servicing the bath.

Air System of Home Spa Bath
Air bath system won’t operate.
  1. No power to air bath unit.
  2. Blower motor is not plugged in.
  3. Keypad disconnected.
  1. Reset circuit breakers and check GFCI.
    Check fuses and replace if bad.
  2. Make sure plug is fully inserted into the outlet.
  3. Check and reconnect if necessary.
Blower shuts off by itself or before time elapses.
  1. Blower motor overheated and thermal protection device deactivated motor (possibly low voltage).
  2. GFCI tripped.
  1. Check that blower has sufficient ventilation, and that the intake into the blower is not blocked. Clear and allow motor to cool down. (Check service & wire size.)
  2. Refer to installer/dealer.
Circuit breaker trips repeatedly.
  1. Defective breaker.
  2. Short circuit between bath and blower breaker box.
  3. Other items are connected to same circuit.
  1. Replace breaker.
  2. Refer to installer/dealer.
  3. Refer to installer/dealer.
Blower does not shut off.
  1. Defective keypad or timer.
  1. Refer to installer/dealer. Replace keypad or control
Air bath does not function properly while in the Pulse or Wave mode.
  1. Blower speed setting is set too low.
  1. Change to a mid-range air speed setting before switching over to Wave or Pulse modes.
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