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MicroSilk® for Beauty and Anti-Aging

Developed with your skin in mind, tiny MicroSilk® microbubbles reach gently into pores, increasing the skin’s metabolism while promoting skin cell growth and the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, and scar formation.

The even, consistent warmth in a MicroSilk® bath creates improved circulation and skin metabolism to diminish the redness and appearance of bruises and age spots.


Read what people are saying about the moisturizing, skin soothing effects of MicroSilk®

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MicroSilk® Bath for Your Skin's Health and Wellness


"The rough and red skin on my feet that I have had tried everything to remove/improve through the years was extremely soft, smooth and supple after just one treatment. The treatment effects have lasted MUCH longer that the usual spa pedicure offers. Highly recommend MicroSilk® to people who have tough, dry and callus skin!" -D.W.

"MicroSilk® reduced the pigmentation of my age spots." -L.A.H.

"MicroSilk® felt like a soothing time machine for my skin, my skin felt and looked like it did 15 years ago!! If 20 minutes took off 15 years, can you imagine what a 40 minute soak will do?" -H.P.


Paula used MicroSilk to reduce the appearance of skin damage after working in her yard. In just 20 minutes, the bruises and blood spots were lightened, and the appearance of wrinkles was reduced.

Before: 12:29PM

After: 12:52PM