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Frequently Asked Questions about MicroSilk®

Where can I try MicroSilk®?

Go to “Find a Showroom” on the top right corner of our site and enter your zip code. Give your showroom a call and ask to set up an appointment. No MicroSilk in your area? Call customer service at (800)255-5766 for more information.

Can I put my head and face in it?

Yes; the most comfortable way to do so is to use Jason’s MicroSilk Wand. The wand fits into a MicroSilk jet, allowing you to apply MicroSilk directly where you want it.

If I am diagnosed with _________, will MicroSilk® work for me?

While we have heard about great improvements in our customers’ cases of eczema, psoriasis, ichthyosis, irritated skin, rashes resulting from chemotherapy, and a number of other conditions, everyone’s skin is different. The oxygen levels in MicroSilk are safe and contribute greatly to health and well being. Consult with your doctor regarding treatment of particular skin conditions.

How long will the effects of MicroSilk® last?

We have received customer responses giving time ranges from 12 hours up to 3 days. Everyone’s skin is different.

What can I add to MicroSilk® baths?

You may add bath salts, teas, oils, and aromatherapy oils to a MicroSilk Bath. You will notice that the amount of aromatherapy oils necessary will be reduced in a MicroSilk Bath. The oils will float to the surface and be aerosolized with the anions, rather than being emulsified in the bath water. If you are using a bath additive to treat a skin condition, be sure to check with your doctor before using it in MicroSilk.

Should I put lotion or medicine on before or after MicroSilk®?

After. MicroSilk cleans the skin even better than soap, so any lotions or creams will be removed during the bath. Applying lotion after the bath is encouraged to lock in moisture.

How sanitary is the system?

Jason baths include a series of specially engineered features to keep the system clean including positive drain plumbing, V-Jets, purge cycles, dry air channels, and ozone (O3) to sanitize the water. Collectively, these features are known as Sani-Design.

If this is lifting impurities out of my body, where do they go?

MicroSilk microbubbles bind to impurities and lift them away from the body to the water’s surface. The impurities gather around the edge of the bath for easy rinsing when the bath is complete.

Where does the oxygen come from?

The oxygen comes from the ambient air around you. It is drawn into the MicroSilk system through a venturi and dissolved at elevated pressures through our patented process.

Are gases other than oxygen present in the bath? Will they have an effect on my skin?

MicroSilk is fueled by ambient air, and oxygen is most easily dissolved in the water. So, all gases in the air around you are then increased in the bath, but only the oxygen can be used by our skin’s cells.

If I order a combination bath, can I run both at the same time?

No; they may only be operated independently. The effects of MicroSilk would be diminished when operated simultaneously with a Whirlpool or AirMasseur hydrotherapy.

How do I clean the MicroSilk® tub? How often?

The frequency of cleaning depends on frequency of use. We recommend any hydrotherapy bath system (AirMasseur, Whirlpool, or MicroSilk) should be flushed and cleaned with Jason Cleaner or a non-foaming detergent at least once a month.

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