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Hydrotherapy Choices

Jason provides four options of hydrotherapy for the bath that best suits you. From the deep relaxation of warm still water to the deeper massage of circulating air and water, Jason provides a health-enhancing experience.


Soaking hydrotherapy stimulates the contact and temperature receptors located on the surface of the skin which promotes relaxation and stress relief.


MicroSilk® hydrotherapy super saturates the water with billions of oxygen-rich microbubbles, increasing oxygen levels up to 70% higher than common tap water.  This luxurious cloud of oxygen blankets your body, energizing skin cells, stimulating the immune system, killing bacteria and promoting healing, leaving your skin soft and clean in a way you’ve never experienced.



AirMasseur® hydrotherapy engages the light-touch receptors just below the surface of the skin and promotes further calming, relaxation and circulation.



Whirlpool hydrotherapy results in true physiological change to your body by engaging the pressure receptors located deeper in your muscles' tissue. This relieves tight and stressed muscles and therefore promotes tissue rejuvenation.